Swiss German University 2022 Research Grantees

As one of the higher education institutions in Indonesia, the element of research is one of the tridharma of higher education which is highly expected by every teaching profession and will be used for reporting on lecturer workload (BKD) and increasing the accreditation of study programs and institutions.

Therefore, the Directorate of Research, Technology and Community Service (DRTPM) based on decision number 033/E5/PG.02.00/2022 dated 27 April 2022 provided funding from the State University Operational Assistance Program, National Competitive Research Program and Assignments in Higher Education The first phase of the 2022 Fiscal Year for several lecturers from Swiss German University.

Some of the lecturers include:

  • Dr. Irvan Setiadi Kartawiria S.T., M.Sc., with the research title “Development of a Spray Distillation Process Design for Bioethanol Purification” with a proposed fund of IDR 194,945,000.
  • Kholis A. Audah M.Sc, Ph.D with the research title “Metabolite Profiling Mangrove Extracts as a Model for Development of the Indonesian Natural Product Library Database for Drug Discovery from Indonesian Biodiversity” with a total fund of IDR 345,670,000.
  • Maria Dewi Puspitasari Tirtaningtyas Gunawan Puteri M.Sc., PhD. With the research title “Application of Lemongrass Extract as a Standardized Herbal Medicine for Diabetes Management” with a proposed fund of IDR 298,650,000.
  • Dr. Maulahikmah Galinium, S.Kom, M.Sc with the research title “Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Tracking and Data Analytics from Hybrid MICE Visitors during the New Normal Covid-19 Period” with a total fund of IDR 154,050,000.
  • Dr. Dipl. -Eng. Samuel P. Kusumocahyo with the research title “Development of Ceramic Membrane for Biodiesel Purification Process” with a total fund of IDR 138,090,000.